Front end developer and researcher

Layer notes

React.js, Webextention API, Atom (HTML5 / CSS3 / JS), Sketch, Final Cut pro


Unc Inc



The challenge

Unc Inc now makes use of the bug tracker Mantis. This tracker is rather cumbersome and not very user friendly. Therefore it was my assignment to find and develop an easier way to report issues. The design challenge was: “How can Unc Inc develop a digital application that allows non-technical clients to report full/complete tickets on a website in an easy way, and that enables Unc Inc to receive all relevant data required to resolve a ticket?”

Person using layernotes

The solution

The result is a tool that allows a user to pinpoint the detected error in a similar way that a screenshot can be made on a Mac computer. In the background, all relevant data for the developer is retrieved. In this way, the client/user only needs to describe the issue and, if necessary, to indicate the importance of the error. The tool was tested multiple times by the target group and the response of the users is generally very positive. They find the tool easy and intuitive to work with and easy to understand. The target group would like to start using the tool in practice as soon as possible.

Person selecting a bug with layernotes
Person viewing bugs with layernotes


The tool itself is open source. You can find the code on Github. It is also published in the Chrome extention store.