Front end developer


Meteor, GreenSock, leaflet, Brackets (HTML5 / CSS next / JS), Github, Flickr API


At HvA for Gemeente Amsterdam




For the city of Amsterdam I made an interactive map that shows which locations are very crowded. The rush is presented by plotting the GPS locations of flickr photos onto a map. The web app is based on Meteor and the map is based on Leaflet. There were five people in the project team of which I was the front end developer. The code, which I have written, can be found on GitHub.

informotionData on Ipad


I've worked with serveral persons during this project. The following persons I've worked with: Motion Design - Avia, Interface design - Niels, Front end development - Melvin, Interaction design - Shanice

informotionData screenshot


The website is open source. You can find the code on Github.