Front end developer and (UX) desing

Incident dashboard

NodeMCU, Arduino IDE, Meteor, zelfgemaakte API, Atom (HTML5 / CSS / JS), Github


At HvA for Gemeente Amsterdam




This dashboard gives the municipality of Amsterdam East better insight into the situation of the various quarters, based on sensors. Once logged into the application, the dashboard displays a map showing the situation in the various quarters, such as the whereabouts of the street coaches and the source locations and frequencies of incident calls.

IncidentMap screenshot


I did not build this project at my own. The following people have helped me with it: Meteor/Frontend - Dylan Vens, Design/UX Deel Frontend - Heleen Snoeck, Design/Ux & Meteor Frontend - Senny Kalidien, Meteor/Frontend - Fons Hettema and Hardware - Lisa Klein .


The site it self is open source. You can find the code on Github.